Our engineering comprises the elaboration of:

  • main assemby drawings, layout
  • detailed assembly plans for construction and erection
  • material and part lists
  • detailed specifications for refractories
  • technical calculations such as, heat transmission, heat balance, disc spring and the like
  • manufacturing plans for steel parts including lists and advise for welding
  • computing of furnace statics
  • specifications for steel and refractories
  • tenders, technical controls
  • site supervision
  • consulting problem solving
  • inspections of preassemblies


We are able to care out planning for new furnaces, expansions, reconstructions and repairs of your melter. More over we are ready for developing special units.

We design and plan for you:

  • cross fired furnace
  • end fired furnace
  • recuperative units
  • oxy fuel heated tanks
  • day tanks
  • all-electric furnaces
  • pot furnace
  • distributors and forehearths
  • special furnaces
  • and many more

It would be our pleasure advising and assisting you installing measuring and controlling technique, pollution control, supply systems and construction.

Youtube Film

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